Nubun WOW Alliance Leveling Guide

You'll Never Look at World of Warcraft
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No more minimizing the game to read the guides. Nubun guide comes in 4 formats, the regular and text-only pdf format, the in-game Autopilot guide that loads from inside the game window, and the on-game guide version that loads just on top of the game window so that you can read the guide from within your game window or on top of it!

Wait… You are about to discover:

How to level your alliance character to 80 in less than 8 days!

The best, fastest and most up to date alliance WOW leveling guide on the net.

The most detailed WOW guide. No other guide can compete with the level of details presented here.

The easiest to use alliance leveling guide provided to you in regular PDF, text only version, In-game Autopilot version and a Solo On-Game version.

The most complete set of coordinates for your path from 1 to 80 both in the game and already plotted and available in the autopilot in-game version and on-game version.

The full video recordings of game play from 1 to 70. Get lost? Watch it in video!

The guide that comes with at least 1200 screenshots from the game to help you level faster

The most valuable set of bonuses including Death Knight Class guide, Nether Drake Mount guide, Pro tips guide and Talents guide.

Hold Your Breath…. You are about to uncover all the secret paths of the professional WOW players. Don’t get distracted by the cheap crappy guides out there. Nubun’s World of Warcraft Guide will share with you every single secret power levelers are using to level up their characters before you blink!

Throughout this guide, I am going to walk you through hand by hand, step by step. You won’t ever be lost or lagged! I will keep everything you need at your finger tips!

WOW leveling guide pictureMy name is Mark Miller. I've been playing World of Warcraft since its original beta period, four years ago. It's been an obsession of mine ever since - some claim to be professional World of Warcraft players; others prove it. I have mastered every single aspect of World of Warcraft. I have helped my friends, relatives and colleagues to level their characters. All my experience will be yours!

It takes more than a flashy banner and "claims" of the best guide around to prove it though and I'm about to show you why.

There are more than 5,000 quests in the game and if you don't know which ones work and which ones don't, you might spend just as much time wandering aimlessly through the game as you would grinding.

That's where the expertise of a professional player comes into play and that's where this WOW guide will make all the difference.   You could spend your time aimlessly wandering the world, hoping to finally get just 40,000 more XP to reach the next level, or you could use the most complete, eye opening Leveling Guide around and start powering through the game like never before.

The Best WOW Leveling Guide

There are leveling guides and then there are guides like ours. Nubun’s 1-80 leveling guide doesn’t just show you where to go or what to do in the game – it gives you direct instructions without skipping a detail. You don’t head into a cave not knowing that every third mob is an elite. You don’t dive into a new zone without knowing you need a half dozen auction house items.

With our guide, streamlined and speed enhanced for the 3.0+ patch and featuring every ounce of new leveling content in Northrend, you will reach Level 80 faster than you ever imagined – this is the fastest guide on the market right now and that’s something you need if you’re going to be at the top of your server’s list.

With Nubun's Alliance Power Leveling Guide, you get much more than just another guide - you get a complete World of Warcraft experience, with me holding your hand every step of the way.  Every level and zone is broken down into carefully numbered steps; each step includes which quest you should be working on, which NPC you should be talking to, and exactly what you need to do to complete the quest. Special tips are included to help you ensure you never run blindly into the fray of battle without being prepared. If you've ever suffered the indignity of being killed over and over again by the same mob as you try to figure out the trick to defeating them, rest assured it will never happen again.

Another feature of Nubun’s guide is that you don't just complete 1 quest at a time and return to the quest giver. Because you have a detailed, step by step guide at your fingertips, you will be completing as many as seven or eight quests at once, turning them all in for a massive XP boost and a heck of a surprise when you boost an entire level in just a couple of hours.

"You Need to Get This "

Buyer Testimonial I’m always a bit skeptical about a new guide product but I was pretty happy when I started up with Nubun’s guide because it helped me get off the ground quickly. The Pro Tips guide is a good place to start – even if you’re a veteran it puts you in the right frame of mind to play the game. The Leveling spec guide made leveling so much easier (never had to worry about my talents again). In the end, I managed to make it through the game in about 8 days and 2 hours, right on pace with the estimates Nubun gives on the website. I was shocked because I’ve never actually matched the advertised time for a leveling guide the first time through.

Bashir, London-UK

A Guide For Every Race and Class

Nubun’s Alliance Leveling Guide is fit for any class or race. There is a starter guide for all races and classes. Whether you are a Draenei, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf, Human or the new Death King, you will have a starter guide that will help you. Don't fret if you're a Shaman, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Warrior, Warlock, or Hunter. Everything you need is here. You will not be guided to do a quest that is not good for your class.

100% Soloable Quests

I have played through and ensured every quest included is soloable with the right approach and that you can reach Level 80 as fast as possible, even if you never join up with any other players. Regardless of your approach to the game, you will be at the top in no time, enjoying the best the game has to offer.

The Right Path to Level 80 Dominance

After tearing through Azeroth and Outland up to Level 70, you will start in Borean Tundra and jettison through Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Zul’Drak, Sholazar Basin, and Storm Peaks in record time. Every quest in each zone is outlined in complete detail, showing you the path you need to take to reach Level 80 faster than anyone else on your server.

Whether you’re leveling up your main for the first time or going through a second time with a Death Knight or a third alt, you are not going to find a speed leveling path that provides any more details or any more direct of a path to Level 80.

A Visual Step by Step Process

Other guides offer images of what you can expect from them, but I decided to do them better. Playing through my own guide, I have captured and included more than 1200 screenshots, highlighting and showcasing every NPC, quest step, and obscure location in the game. Never wander aimlessly for 20 minutes again because you found the coordinates but just can't seem to find the mob listed that you need to kill.

Included in Nubun’s Guide are every coordinate you need for NPCs, quest objectives, and hubs throughout Northrend. Hundreds of screenshots are included to showcase vital stopping points and delineate otherwise confusing quests. You will find thousands of steps listed out for you in perfect detail with which quests to accept and turn in, exact instructions of where you should be, and what you will need to do when encountering each quest objective or boss.

A Fantastic Autopilot In-game Version

I was the first to introduce such a way to use your guide! All the others followed me! I have plotted every single coordinate in the game from level 1 to level 80 for you in a very simple and easy to use Autopilot version of the guide. But that’s not all! I told you I will take you hand by hand and below is what I mean by this fantastic feature. You just import the autopilot text version of Nubun's guide with a botton press into any of the Guide Loaders Mods available on the net (and I will tell you which one is the best) and you will be able to get all the features below:

You will be able to see the text of the guide within your game screen. That’s alone will save you loads of time. You will not need to go back to the PDF file to read a step. It is already there within your game window.

In-Game Leveling Guide snapshot

Every single step in the guide plotted on both your mini map and your world map. This way you will know where to go to do every step. You will not get lost. You will always have a dot that tells you where you need to go to!

alliance leveling guide mapnotes capture

Still I think this is not enough! That’s why I went further and included an arrow on your screen that will point you to the direction you need to go through. It can’t be easier. The arrow changes color from red to orange to yellow to green as you approach your target. This way, you don’t just see the dot where you need to go to, but you also get guided how to go there.

wow leveling guide arrow system

To make things easier, this guide is automated. Once you finish a certain step from the guide, you will be automatically forwarded to the next step. The instructions for the new step will show up on your screen and the dots will appear and the arrow will walk you!

Notice how the arrow changes direction and the guide loads a new step when you finish the first one

Importing the Autopilot text version of the guide is very simple. You just download the files, run the Importer program and click on "Proceed". It will copy and do all the stuff by itself. There is no need to know any details or to copy the files your self and get lost about where to place them and so on!. Check the pictures below and see how it is an easy 1-2-3 process!

Just let the Importer know where you downloaded the files, click on "Proceed" and it will setup everything for you! You just have to enjoy the game!

The Autopilot Version works on both Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and MAC operating systems


The Only Guide with On-Game Version on the Net

This is another great feature of Nubun's guide. It is the only guide on the market that comes with an On-game version of the guide. This means that you can run the guide just over the game window. Not inside the game!

Why I made this on-game version?

Many players do hate to keep minimizing the game window to read the PDF version of the guide. It is just time consuming and annoying. Well, the Autopliot version above will solve this problem. But, what if someone does not need to get the autopilot features like the arrows and map dots?

Many players feel that the autopilot version will make them lose the joy of playing the game because it will just put an arrow and they just need to follow!. Many will still like to get lost, to look around and to explore the game on themsevles but do not want to keep minimizing and maximizing to read the guide.

This Solo on-game version is the solution for them. You just run it and the full guide (text only) in the form of easy steps will load on top of the game window. You can change the size of the on-game guide as well as its opacity to suit you.

on-game leveling guide overview

This way, a player will have the guide steps in front of him/her. There will be no need to minimize or maximize the game window and on top of that, there will be no arrow to point you or direct you into the next step. It is doing it on your own with the ease of seeing the guide infront of you for those who want something like that.

You can also mark steps as done and when doing so, it will highlight the next step to you so that you do not feel lost or dizzy reading the lines and if you close the guide and open it again, it will load the guide from where you have reached the last time you used it!

how the on-game alliance guide looks like

The Solo On-Game Version works on Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and MAC operating systems


You Can Even Watch the Guide in Video

Coordinates and pictures are all fine, but I wanted to bring my alliance guide to life in a way that has never been done before. Recording my game play (from level 1 to 70) at a variety of critical points, I've created more than 10 HOURS of Video from the 1 to 70 part of the guide. The videos are linked from within the 1-70 part of the guide PDF files, ensuring that if you have trouble with a specific boss or cannot seem to quite find where you need to be, you have an interactive, video reference to help you get there. Just click and watch! You can also download the videos as separate files and watch them alone without the guide!


The 1-70 videos are included in full resolution with links within the guide. The videos above are just a sample in less resolution. Click here to download the full resolution samples. The next time you are stuck, just watch as Nubun powers through. All it will take is a click from within the guide you are reading!

The Easiest to Use Guide

With your purchase, you will get Nubun’s guide in 4 formats. This is to make it suitable for anyone of you. You did not like one of the formats, you have the others!

The regular guide in PDF format: You can read through the guide and the included pictures, videos and then apply what you read during your game play.

The guide in just simple text PDF format: Yes, with no pictures and videos. This is for those of you who would like to print the guide on regular paper and read from there. We will not let you lose loads of printer ink and paper to print our guide!

The Autopilot in-game version: a simple text version that you import into one of the free Guide loaders (I will tell you which one to use) in a simple click and it will then load the guide inside the game window and will give you features like an arrow to follow, plotted map coordinates as well as the automated steps of the guide inside the game window.

The Solo on-game version: a simple application that will show the guide in a small (resizable) just on top of the game window. No features like the autopilot version. Just the guide right infront of you!

On top of all of that, do not forget that you will get the full game play videos for levels one to seventy! Levels 70-80 videos will be added soon too and you will get a FREE update for that!

Nubun’s Alliance Leveling Guide is Bundled
with Extremely Valuable Bonus Guides

Included with your purchase today will be the following incredibly valuable bonus guides, each of them providing leveling information that will help you cruise through the game to level 80 like never before:

Death Knight Guide preview


Bonus #1: Death Knight Class and Leveling Guide

Master the newest and most impressive class in the game with our full length Death Knight class guide. In this guide you’ll find information to help you choose your race, master basic combat, start in PvP and rule in raid content. Also included is a complete 55-58 leveling guide to get you through the new Death Knight starting zone in the Scarlet Enclave.




pro tips wow guide preview


Bonus #2: Pro Tips Guide

Detailed with multiple tips to help you master the art of leveling, our Pro Tips guide includes dozens of useful tips that that Pros use every day to speed through leveling content faster than ever before. Learn how to eke through content in record speed with proper account set up, the right UI mods, and a keen eye for where to be and when to be there.




Talent Spec Leveling Guide preview


Bonus #3: Talent Spec Leveling Guide

Our talent spec leveling guide provides detailed talent specs for every class in the game, showing you which talents to pick at each level for each class to speed up your leveling speed as much as possible. Also included are full level 80 specs for all 30 Talent Trees in the game.



Nether Mount Guide preview

Bonus #4: Netherwing Reputation and Mount Guide

No one wants to be sitting around bored when they hit end-game and that’s why there are content opportunities like the Nether Drake, a reward given for maxing out your Netherwing Reputation to Revered. This guide will take you all the way from Hated to Revered, showing you how to complete each quest and what to do between each boost in reputation with the Netherwing Faction.






Nubun WOW Leveling Guide Package


Bonus #5: Free Life Time Updates

I am sure you know that World of Warcraft will not be the same within the coming few months. Being the number one game online, it is obvious that the makers will keep updating their game contents, adding new levels, mobs, quests and features. And I am here to update my guide to go along with their updates. Never feel you are being left behind. Anytime the game updates, my guide will be updated and you will get your FREE update. This bonus alone is worth the price of this whole package.




I liked every single bit of this guide package. The 1-80 steps were perfect, clear and easy to read through. The Autopilot helped me a lot. The bonuses were fantastic. Death Knight guide was complete and very helpful. Customer support was great. Mike took his time to answer my questions in no time. I hope they make a horde guide and i am sure i will buy again from them!

Sterling Welkman
Tallahasse, FL

It is up to you now. You don’t need to lose this chance to get Nubun’s World of Warcraft Guide at this special price. You can either:

Play aimlessly and lose interest in the game
Allow me to take you hand by hand and make you show off in front of all

Here's a reminder of what's included if you Buy Now!

Complete Nubun 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide with pictures, coordinates and video links in PDF format.

Complete Nubun 1-80 Alliance Leveling Guide in simple text PDF format without pictures or video links for easy printing.

Nubun 1-80 Autopilot In-Game Version.

Nubun 1-80 Solo On-Game Version.

More than 10 hours of Video for levels 1-70 both linked int he PDF files and standalone videos.

More than 1200 screen shots within the guide.

The Death Knight Class and Leveling Guide

The Pro Tips Guide.

The Talent Spec Leveling Guide.

Netherwing Reputation and Mount Guide.

Life time updates for any future World of Warcraft Update.


All included within your Member’s Area


WOW Alliance Leveling Guide Pack


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WOW. I never thought my friends will just envy me! They started playing the game long before me and now they ask me what to do and what to quest. My little secret is Nubun's guide. Very easy to use and set up. Contains all the the details to level as fast as possible. I liked the videos a lot. They were very helpful and linked in the proper places inside the guide itself. I advise you all to get this guide. You will not regret it.

Jimmy Chan


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